Salt Washing offers complete turnkey production lines of salt by a process called washing the salt.
We offer salt production line completely as a turnkey basis, or you can purchase individual machines for your existing production lines.
We are machine manufacturer dealing with salt washing process and our company base is in KOCAELI.


Salt Washing Line is a line about all machines used to remove crude salt from its impurities. Raw salt contains impurities such as dust, dirt, and minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Since salt to become usable, these impurities must be removed.


We have been serving in the salt washing sector since 2000. We provide installation, operating conditions, maintenance/repair activities and necessary on-the-job training of Salt Washing Plant. Through our expert technical team, we determine machinery according to customer needs and facility capacity.


We design the equipment to be used within the system according to the plant, produce them in a quality way and install them in the facility.


High Quality Product, smooth and fast production is the most important point in production. We provide quality control assurance to our customers.


We have prepared an easy-to-use panel to make it easier for operators to use. During any failure, the system can be switched off easily. In addition, production efficiency can be seen instantly.

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