The conveyor band provides that solid salts are continuously transported. It can be used as inclined or horizontal. It is also possible to transport granular materials such as ash, flour, sand, or large particulate materials such as coal, stone, as well as conveyor bands, especially for the transportation of dry or wet materials.

We have designed raw salt of conveyor bands for moving to facility. Slope of our conveyor bands is designed and integrated into system, taking into account settlement characteristics of the facility, not exceeding 20°. Transmission distance can be adjusted according to customer request.


Conveyor band consists from steel frame, drive drum, tail drum, reel groups, tensioning device, deflection drum, loading vessel, discharge vessel, a cleaning device, and o pool of accumulate. The conveyor band can be easily installed and cleaned. The amount of material waste decreases thanks to pool where accumulates of salt.


  • Thanks to the conveyor band, large and serial transmission is provided.
  • Energy requirement is low, so cost is reduced.
  • It offers a profitable operation process with low investment costs, low service, and service costs.
  • Thanks to use of steel rope belts, transmission to large distances are facilitated.
*The technical details of the produced Conveyor Band are listed.
Lenght: 3 m (customizable)
Width: 80 cm
Conveyor Rolls Diameter: 50 mm (AISI 304)
Motor Power: 1,5 kW
Bant: 4 mm PVC Bant


All pictures and photos shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual products may vary due to product enhancements.

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