Crushing is done in order to reduce size for easy processing of large-sized materials. The crushing process in the Salt Washing Line is made by wet milling process to ensure that dirt inside material is exposed. The forces applied in the crushing process are an impact, compression, crushing, cutting and friction.

We are designed the wet milling machine in order to provide disclosure of dust in very dirty salt such as rock salt.


Millings are driven by an electric motor driven belt. The Wet Milling Machine breaks material between stationary and moving jaw with elliptical movements of the jaw. Material that is reduced in size is deposited in a tank, and to other processing is carried with the help of screw conveyors.


The material is continuously sent from the feed tank to the system. In this case, electric motor drives moving jaw.

Material between the moving jaw and fixed jaw is compressed by movements of moving jaw. and broken.

Small-sized material accumulates in the discharge vessel, and it is conveyed to other processing by screw conveyors side.


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