Salt is stored before feeding to the plant, during the feeding operations, and after the operations. All these types of storage vary depending on the capacity of the product and the storage area. The raw salt bunker is used to store the raw salt, the feed tank is used in feeding processes, and salt silos are used to store cleaned product.

We design and install all our storage systems according to the location of the Salt Washing Line. With our storage systems that do not create space constraints, the product can be stored in small areas at determined capacities.


We have 3 types of storage tanks to be feed tank, raw salt bunker, and salt silo. Our storage tank types and features are described below:


Raw salt is stored in raw salt bunker before transporting it with the conveyor band. The raw salt bunker has a conical structure. Its bottom side is narrow and driven by the motor that provides vibration movement, and raw salt is poured on the conveyor band at the same speed. Its construction is first coated with epoxy and then painted. In this way, it is less affected by external factors.


Salt passes through many machines during washing. For the continuous and regular operation of these machines, the feeding process must be carried out continuously and regularly. Feed tanks are used to facilitate feeding and take up little space.


After processing, salts must be stored unaffected by factors such as sunlight, humidity, etc.. These factors disrupt the structure of the salt. Salt silos are designed to protect salts from all external influences, and the draining process is easy.

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