Filtration is a process of removing undissolved particles from liquids or gases. The filtration process is chromatographic analysis, sample, and mobile phase solutions before analysis of the column and frit blockage. It is a very important process to protect devices such as detectors, pumps, valves and to prevent excessive working pressure.

Filtration pump provides salt and water to decompose. We have designed the filtrate pumps for working under vacuum conditions up to high pressures. The pumps are mounted in tanks and only provide transport of materials to the discharge pipes.


Each vacuum pack includes flexible couplings, a filter inlet end, a discharge end, a stainless steel vacuum relief valve, a vacuum gauge, and a temperature switch. These systems are supplied with a water injection control system, indicators, and interconnection pipes. We can supply acoustic panel housing to our customers to control the noise level.

Process Water Pump Filtrate Pump
Type: Open Fan Vortex Pump Open Fan Vortex Pump
Power: 2,2 kW 2,2 kW
Volumetric Flow: 34 m3 35 m3
Material: AISI 304 AISI 304
*The technical details of the produced Filtrate Pumps are listed.


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