Salt is packed after processing. Our salt packaging machine is a machine that covers all of the automatic baggings, filling, measuring, closing, cutting, counting, printing and output processes. PLC control system provides easily controlled and packaging efficiency. Thanks to PLC system, bag length, and product quantity can be easily adjusted from control system, and efficiency monitored at any time.

We designed our packaging machines to pack 25-50 kg of salt washed in the Salt Washing Line. The machine's control system is user-friendly to provides operators to use the machine with ease.


Filling process starts with materials entering in hopper. Materials are filled into the bags through feeding equipment. Filling flow rate can be adjusted. When bag is fully filled, bag clamping device opens automatically. Filled bag is sutured with a sewing machine.


  • Filling process is carried out in a clean manner.
  • Compact machine design provides the machine to fit easily into any area.
  • The machine is designed with special equipment for long life and low maintenance costs.
  • It is easy to use thanks to its weight input, weight display and an operating menu with time display.
  • Measurement tolerance is 0.2%.
  • Our sewing machine is made to prevent leakage of salt from the package.
*The technical details of the produced Packaging Machine are listed.
Capacity: 12 ton (customizable)
Height: 4,3 m
Filling Quantity: 25- 50 kg
Scaling Bunker: 60 kg
Add Equipments: Air line, Piston and Valves
Power: 380 V


All pictures and photos shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual products may vary due to product enhancements.

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