The Salt Washing Line is a line equipped with many machines to purify and make the impurities in salts. All machines can be adjusted according to capacity that customers want. Machinery is manufactured in accordance with a residential plan according to facility, and all these machines are installed by us.

We offer a turnkey installation of the Salt Washing Line so that our machines can be easily understood by operators and production runs without stopping.


Salt is stored before, during and after the operations. Storage systems are determined by the location of the product. Raw salt bunker is used to store raw salt, the feed tank is used to feed the product to machinery, and silos are used to store final product.


Screw washing machine is used to remove impurities in salt, minerals such as calcium and magnesium from salt. The thin shaft that floats in water is precipitated by washing with salt water in the pool on both sides of the channel, and it is cleaned from dirt by reverse flow washing.


The cyclone system is used for the washing process. This system has two washing cyclones. These are 2 kinds of cyclones prewashing and upper cyclone. The cyclone is a system which includes a system cleaning system, liquid-solid separation system, solid transfer pump, transport pipeline equipment, and construction systems.


Filtration is the process of removing undissolved particles from liquids or gases. It is a very important process to protect devices such as detectors, pumps, valves and to prevent excessive working pressure.


The conveyor band provides that solid salts are continuously transported. It can be used as inclined or horizontal. It is also possible to transport granular materials such as ash, flour, sand, or large particulate materials such as coal, stone, as well as conveyor bands, especially for the transportation of dry or wet materials.


The screw conveyor is widely used in the transportation of granular materials. The screw rotates in a tube or bush and moves the material inside. In some processes, salt should be fed with the continuous material. In this way, the production does not stop, and speed is not decreased.


Crushing is done in order to reduce size for easy processing of large-sized materials. Crushing process in the Salt Washing Line is made by the wet milling process to ensure that dirt inside material is exposed.


Our salt packaging machine is a machine that covers all of the automatic baggings, filling, measuring, closing, cutting, counting, printing and output processes. PLC control system ensures that system is easily controlled and packaging efficiency is monitored at any time. Bag length and product quantity can be easily adjusted from the control system.

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