Screw washing machine is used to remove impurities in salt, minerals such as calcium and magnesium from salt. Thin shaft that floats in water is precipitated by washing with salt water in the pool on both sides of the channel, and it is cleaned from dirt by reverse flow washing. While dirt flows down with wash water, washed salt goes up by means of screws. Screw washing machine is widely used in salt, sand, foodstuffs, mines and recycling processes.

We designed screw washing machines to remove impurities in the salt in the most efficient way. We produce and integrate into required length and capacity.


Salt is sent from feed tank to inclined water tank. Rotating screws rotate salt upwards. At the same time, salts are washed with wash water from above. Screw is driven by an electric motor. With this process, foreign matter rises to surface of the water, and salt is transmitted in the bottom.


  • Our machine can be produced at desired slope and length.
  • Submerged rear bearings provide easy separation of even smallest particles from the material.
  • Multi washing system can be installed.
  • Screws can be extended to provide better dewatering.
  • It is produced with corrosion-resistant parts.
  • It is driven by electric motor, consumes very little energy.
*The technical details of the produced Screw Washing Machine are listed.
Capacity: 12 ton (customizable)
Conveyor Length: 6000 mm
Body Steel Sheet Thickness: 4 mm
Screw Conveyor Diameter: 300 mm
Reducer Power: 4 kW
Material: AISI 304


All pictures and photos shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual products may vary due to product enhancements.

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