Salt is subjected to wet milling to reveal impurities during washing process. Milled salt is washed and dried in a high proportion of impurities, and after washing, it is dewatered. Then, salt is packed for sale. Since these processes, wet milling machine and salt packaging machine are used.

We design and install all our storage systems according to the location of the Salt Washing Line. With our storage systems that do not create space constraints, the product can be stored in small areas at determined capacities.


We use wet milling machine for milling process. We use salt packing machine for packing process. The following are the features of these machines:


Crushing is a size reduction process. Wet milling is made to remove impurities in wet salt and to remove them during washing. Our Wet milling machines are driven by an electric motor and broken between two jaws, thanks to elliptical movements of moving jaw. Sections in contact with salt are made of stainless steel.

Our band conveyors are ideal for conveying raw salt to washing section. We can adjust our band conveyors in a way that does not exceed 20°, depending on location of the facility. Transmission distances can be changed according to size of the plant.


Salt must be packaged to reach end users. Our salt packaging machines can perform automatic self-filling, filling, measuring, closing, cutting, counting, printing and output processes. Thanks to PLC control system, processes are easily controlled by operators and packaging efficiency can be monitored at any time. Our packaging machines can be packed between 25-50 kg to enable our customers to carry out the packaging quantities flexibly. Parts in contact with salt are produced in stainless steel.

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