Salt is transported from raw salt bunker from one machine to another machine, along in the Salt Washing line. We design an end-to-end, detailed conveying system for easy transport of salt across the entire line. We adjust transportation systems according to size and capacity of facilities.


We have 2 types of conveying system to be conveyor band and screw conveyor. Our conveying system types and features are described below:


The conveyor band is the most important means of transport for the continuous transport of solid materials over long distances. With these conveyors, granular materials, large pieces of materials are easily transported.

Our band conveyors are ideal for conveying raw salt to washing section. We can adjust our band conveyors in a way that does not exceed 20°, depending on location of the facility. Transmission distances can be changed according to size of the plant.


Screw conveyors are conveying systems which enable solid materials to move forward by rotating screw with rotation movement. Slope and length can be adjusted according to location and size of facilities. It is particularly preferred at places where continuous and same feed rate is to be provided. Transport between machinery is done by screw conveyors in the Salt Washing Line.

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