Salt Washing Line includes many operations to release impurities in the salt and purify salt that has these impurities. The processes of salt washing are transport, washing, dewatering, crushing, and storage.


We design our Salt Washing Lines in such a way that the purification of salts containing high levels of dirt, such as rock salt, is easily accomplished. Below are the main steps of the salt washing process:


Salt is stored in the plant, and in different storage systems before and after operations. Raw salt is stored in raw salt bunkers. During the processes, machinery should be fed with salt from the previous process. Salt is stored in feed tanks in these areas. After operations are finished, salt is stored in special design silos so that salt is not affected by the external environment.


Salt is transported to plant and machinery by various transport systems. These systems vary depending on the location and purpose of use. Conveyor band is used to transport raw salt to facility; screw conveyor is used to transporting salt in the system.


Raw salt contains many dust and minerals. In order for salt to become usable, it must be removed from these impurities. Screw washing machine and cyclone system are used for this.


The milling machine is used to reduce the size of raw salt and to reveal dust inside. Our packaging machine is used to offer processed salt for sale.

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