Salt, which takes off from the sea, lake or rock, is subjected to many treatments for purification. But the most important of these processes is washing of salt. Thanks to washing, many foreign substances and minerals are removed from salt.

We, as Salt Washing Line, offer advanced washing technologies to remove all impurities from salts. Cyclone system and screw washing machine are machinery we use in our washing systems.


We have 2 types of washing system to be cyclone system and screw washing machine. Our conveying system types and features are described below:


2 cyclone systems are used for washing processes. The first one is a pre-washing cyclone and the second is an upper cyclone. Cleaning, solid-liquid separation, solid pumping, pipeline, and construction sections are included in the cyclone system.

In the cyclone system, hydrocyclone, product pump, pipe and montage system, and construction are available. We design all of this equipment according to the structure and capacity of the facility.


Screw washing machine removes dust from the system by washing salt with saturated brine and removes it from the system by means of a screw. The system operates according to reverse current flushing principle.

We can increase size of our screw washing machines to reduce number of washes.

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